Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are becoming a big problem for the American people, The Center for Diseases Control (CDC) Estimates that 20 million new STE infections occur each year in the United States. This problem not only costs our healthcare system over $16 billion dollars each year, but it also threatens the overall health of our country as a whole.


In California, as well as in the whole country, there are three STDs with the highest rates: Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, these infections can all be prevented, and they're all treatable. However, many infected people don't get tested and are at a higher risk of getting other more dangerous diseases like HIV, becoming infertile, or having an ectopic pregnancy (for women).


While there are still around 50,000 new cases of AIDS each year in California, there are over 174,000 cases of Chlamydia out of which, 27% were from Hispanic/Latinos. 45,000 of Gonorrhea 30% of those cases are Hispanic/Latinos. Around 4,000 new cases of Syphilis diagnosed in California each year, and about 40% of those people are Hispanic/Latino. These numbers are on the rise from previous years, and it is extremely important to inform everyone of these epidemic California is facing to stop it before it becomes worst. Los Angeles has one of the highest rates of these STD's as well which means we need to work harder on the prevention and treatment of these diseases that can very well end up killing us. Furthermore, the population that is at highest risk of infection continues to be those between the ages of 15-24 based on the elevated number of cases reported, and the live style they follow.


In 2014 the city of Los Angeles still amongst the top cities in the state based on the reported cases of these diseases: Chlamydia - 54,363 (#4 in the state), Gonorrhea - 15,135 (#6 in the state), Syphilis - 1,192 (#2) in the state.


Chlamydia can cause: infertility, ectopic pregnancy, Infection in the tubes, and if the woman is pregnant it can harm baby's eyes and lungs.


Gonorrhea: infertility, ectopic pregnancy, Infection in the tubes, and if the woman is pregnant it can harm baby's eyes and lungs.


Syphilis: Can be fatal, cause blindness, heart disease, brain damage, and still-birth if woman is pregnant,


Fortunately, the state of California has a wonderful STD preventive program that is 100% confidential, and at no-cost to anyone who is interested on getting tested. It is called Family Pact. Many clinics offer this program, you don't need health insurance or a valid ID to receive these services. One of our missions for Family Health Care Resources is to raise awareness on prevention and treatment of STDs and we offer free, and confidential referrals to anyone interested in these services. Our goal is to make not only our city, but hopefully our state a healthier place to live, and to use all these resources that the state is providing us to make that happen.


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