Teenage outreach program

At Family Health Care Resources, the sexual health of our children is of great importance. Did you know that many schools in Southern California have lost their health and guidance programs due to budget cuts? Unfortunately, our kids are paying the consequences for these cuts.


Get a hold of this fact: Teenagers in the area of Los Angeles have the highest rate of STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) in the country. Part of the problem is that teens between the ages 13-18 who are sexually active do not talk to their parents about practicing safe sex, and how to prevent STD's and pregnancy. It's alarming to know that six out of ten Hispanic teenagers in the area of Los Angeles will get pregnant before the age of 18, a percentage that is higher than any other ethnic group.


Through our Teenage Health Outreach Program, we have partnered up with Kaiser Permanente and are determined to go to every high school and junior high in our area to teach and guide our teenagers and their parents how to live a healthier life style.


Are you interested in having us visit your school to give a presentation to your students about this very important topic? Call us at 1-844-420-2020 or e-mail us at info@fhcrhelp.org


For teens that would like to know more about how to have a healthier sex life contact us at 1-844-420-2020, the call is free and confidential.